When in Rome

I wish that I could be original. I wish that I could tell everybody that my first visit to the Italian capital was the most unique experience in the world; a journey filled with underground parties, unexpected encounters, and crazy anecdotes. But the truth is that my first trip to Rome was the epitome of … Continue reading When in Rome


My Ultimate Packing List

I am a big fan of lists, which is why, before I embark on a trip of any sort, I always refer to my very own ultimate packing list to decide what to bring with me. This particular list is really exhaustive and is the result of many years of traveling, of forgetting something important, … Continue reading My Ultimate Packing List

Beauty in a Controversial Country

The Vatican not only is the world's smallest country, it is also fully governed by a religion. The Catholics have their headquarters in this small city-state, and everything there reminds you of Christianity. The souvenir shops sell rosaries and postcards of saints, the statues represent angels and former popes, the churches are bigger than nature, … Continue reading Beauty in a Controversial Country

Fun Times in the Dominican Rep.

The Dominican Republic is mostly famous for its beach resorts. Even though tourists from all around the world travel there to relax and sunbathe throughout the year, the North-American vacationers are really the main clientele; they love to fly to this small country during winter to enjoy the DR's cheap all-inclusive gigantic hotels. It is … Continue reading Fun Times in the Dominican Rep.